After music college and my enforced wake-up call during which time I was unable to play my flute, I made my way through studies of the Bach flower essences, Bio-Spiritual Focusing and counselling but none of these inspired me until I studied the human being from a bio-psycho-social approach with the Open University.

This led to me training as a Registered Craniosacral Therapist in 1997 where I was finally able to touch base with the magic and miracle we all are and the journey we make in having a body and living with it as a dynamic organism. I went on to specialise in birth trauma and paediatrics and Source Process Rebirthing in both adults and children.

I now work as an integrative biodynamic registered Craniosacral Therapist. I have recently completed training as a Certified Endorphin trainer and Spiritual Companion with William Bloom, published as a co-author with John Demartini and Tania Newcomb a book called Healing From Within, and having been a meditator for 22 years I decided to complete a meditation teacher training course that offers 10 kinds of meditation in July 2012.

I have worked with traumatised children through the UK helpline Childline as a volunteer counsellor. In 2000 I set up Healing From Within as a vision to inspire, educate and provide help and support to people who find their way to me.

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