Love and Being Received…

Over the years as I have worked with people in my therapy practice and in casual conversation, I have made some startling observations. I have noticed that many people become quiet as the conversation turns to what Love and Being Received feels like outside the romantic ideal. The unspoken question in their faces… what am I talking about?

At the time of conception and birth, the majority of people were not received as the fully conscious beings that they were. Some have come through the bodies of women who did not know how to receive for themselves. This is encoded in our cellular memory within our bodies so that we think and feel that Love and Being received are not applicable for us. Thoughts such as “I have no choice,” “I am alone, separate, dangerous” “My body hurts” are more familiar.

I started my working life as a music teacher in schools. In14 years, I had the privilege to receive how much love and its lack resulted in different approaches to learning in my students. Those who were in touch with their heart energy were most responsive and less overwhelmed when facing new challenges and progressed with more ease.

All human beings are in touch with a desire to learn, explore and create when we are in our heart energy. Being out of it results in not feeling safe inside, feeling frustrated, bored, anxious and self-pitying. Love imparts Heart Intelligence – increased perception and understanding ability. People who lack heart energy are continuously over-stimulated, fearful and worried and they become pre-occupied with the internal stress and their ability to adapt to circumstances diminishes. Their brain becomes set in stress response patterns and they have harder time learning.

Heart Intelligence, like all other intelligence must be developed; it is learning possible at any time of life. It is not only the practice of giving; it also involves nurturing the ability to receive for your Self.

Have you ever held someone in your arms as they are in the midst of expressing the depth of their sorrow and feel like they are the one doing the giving? This is the opportunity I receive as I work with people – the opportunity of being allowed to give is also the time when we are being received.

One of the newborn baby’s gifts is providing unconditional love to its caretaker; if the caretaker can receive the love freely cherish it as a gift, the baby grows in learning it is safe to express, to give and receive, its presence has an affect on life; it learns about the wisdom of co-creation, as it gives, it receives and in receiving it gives.

Love is the natural state of all human beings; it is experience of fear that takes us away from it. The good news is that it never goes away, what happens is love stays alive within us, we just lose our connection to it. If we now think about Love being the Source of all life, death therefore is not about the cessation of life but the separation from life – Source.

Can you take a moment right now to imagine that you were never separate from love, truth and intimacy and neither is the people in your life? They would be no feelings of guilt, adversarial fears and neither would you fear anything. What would you do?
Source does not know good or bad, it is just life… Love.

If we are able to surrender all fear, we would be able to express and experience Source, if we listen deeply enough to its messages within us that arise through sensations, desires, ambitions we find all spiritual and material needs are met as are our daily needs, people, wisdom and knowledge to light and inspire us. When we depend on ourselves, we become separated and out of loves flow and consequently are unable to live with the ease we long to do. To use your talents and follow your hearts desire is an expression of Love in Action. If every human being was to only ever do what excites us we would be doing the perfect thing. Yes, that means there is, a time to do the washing up, a time to make love, a time to follow an ambition, a time to eat.

To summarise, Love is the Source of all Life. In submitting and surrendering to letting it guide your life, you will stay connected to the Source. Your needs are met with greater ease, you are able to depend on it and therefore lighten up the load you carry on your own and with it the pressure to “cope”. Honesty reigns and this allows Love and Source to support you and receive you in all areas of your life. This manifests nourishment and an abundance of spiritual and material desires of the heart and therefore, YOU.
Thought plus energy creates experience… what would you like to experience from today?


Fiona G. Lyndley has practiced as a natural medicine practitioner for 10 years in Hertfordshire and London, Egypt and Australia. She is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist, a Spiritual Response Therapist, and an analysis and herbal pharmacognosist and has a certificate in Source process and breathwork education.

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