Good Morning dear Community, Welcome to this bright and beautiful day of balanced light and dark. Fiona G. Lyndley would like to share a little introduction to the Map to how we all heal, the road and the journey everyone who is committed to life in its most abundant capacity must make.

The Map is a four stage circle that we keep circling in until all the work involved is complete and it is this:

UNCONSCIOUSLY UNCONSCIOUS: we don’t know what we don’t know and we don’t know if or how the changes can happen.

CONSCIOUSLY UNCONSCIOUS: We become aware of what we don’t know and what we are needing to know, in our history, in our wounds to reclaim and heal

CONSCIOUSLY CONSCIOUS: this is the stage we make the changes that are needed, exercises, dietary, behavioural, studies, emotional releasing, integrating etc

UNCONSCIOUSLY CONSCIOUS: the work we have done in the previous stage becomes integrates as a new pattern in our behaviour, nervous systems, muscle structures, thermo-dynamics, hypo-hyper responsiveness, brain, heart, mind and soul and the next issue comes up from our unconsciously unconsious bodymind and headmind and we begin again.

She also listens very carefully through her hands and her “body-ears!” as she calls them to where the issue was created for you in the first place and for this she has a 5 stage map for when she works with babies and their families as well as the young parts within ourselves which looks like this:

BEFORE, BEGINNING, MIDDLE, END, AFTER. she looks to hear and sense where the injury to your Being occurred and then using the conscious cycle above seeks to support you to integrate and strengthen or release as it appropriate.

WE are excited to announce there will be a big update coming to her website to make more space for her writings, published works, artwork etc so stay tuned and we look forward to supporting your greater sense of Ease into christmas and the new year.

THANK YOU for Being with us in trustful vulnerable awareness, we really appreciate being a part of such a willing, courageous community.

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