with Fiona G. Lyndley

A place where you are supported to reclaim and honour your true inner essence

Through Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Pre and Peri Natal Trauma healing, Meditation and Workshops

About Fiona G. Lyndley GTCL, LTCL, RCST, BCST, PPNE

As a young teenager she started teaching music and for 14 years after music college in London and Hungary, she experienced all types of different learning needs in all ages from 3 years old to a 75 year old vicar.  They taught her a lot and she realised she wanted to help understand how to reach those she could see were struggling. 

Around this time she had 3 car accidents and a period of paralysis in her arms and hands and had to give up all music. 

She says this was the moment of the gift unfolding in her life. A series of co incidences led to her training in various forms of natural medicine including bach flowers, gendlin bio spiritual focusing and then as a registered craniosacral therapist having taken her anatomy, pathology and physiology education from the open university. This was 28 years ago. Many years of training followed in obstetrics, birth, spiritual midwifery, advanced trauma mediation and resolution and latterly 6 years with Ray Castellino to become a pre and peri natal family therapist. 

My approach includes:

  • Open exploration through verbal dialogue and body
  • Working around and on the body through clothing and
    somatic-emotional release

In your session I honour the interconnected, participatory and relational dimensions of living in the world. This includes the physical, emotional, psychological, social, cultural and, in a broader sense, spiritual aspects of life.

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