Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is is a gentle healing therapy. By using a subtle, non-invasive touch that is both diagnostic and therapeutic, it is able to assist the body in its healing process. In Craniosacral Therapy the therapist will listen deeply, through the hands, to the body’s intrinsic movement patterns, rhythms, pulsations and patterns of congestion and resistance in the tissues, organs, muscles and fluids which aids a revitalization of the system as a whole.

Imbalance in the motion and functioning of any part of the body can be sensed and treated. the subtle movements of the body’s structures and fluids yield information as to the functioning and health of the whole body.

It is well known that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself. In Craniosacral Therapy the therapist gently facilitates the body’s innate ability to correct any dysfunction within the system.

Disorder within the body may be caused by an illness, accident or fall, emotional stress, postural strain, heavy dental work or the birth process. Any of these stresses placed on the body cause contraction within the physical structures or disturbance of the fluid motion within the spinal column. This contraction or disturbance is stored in the ‘tissue memory’ even after the initial force has been removed. The body will reorganize and find some sort of balance. The person may now no longer be in pain but the memory in the tissues is the potential for the start of disorder.

The body must compensate and adapt after each incident of emotional or physical stress. Eventually the body can compensate no more and symptoms, pain and disease become apparent.

What can i expect from the session?

The length of a session varies according to a person’s needs and tolerances and may last up to an hour. Many treatments take place lying down, although some processes use sitting or standing positions to unravel tensions and resistance’s. The sensations felt by you may include subtle changes in fluid pressures, tissue release, tingling, heat, cold, pulsations and a sense of calm. Each session differs. Sometimes you will feel a definite shift and sometimes
you may be unaware of subtle shifts, not feeling does not mean that nothing is happening.

Treatment is usually a deeply relaxing experience and allows you to focus on your inner resources at the same time as a release of a restriction. The release can allow access to deeply held emotional feelings, the release of which can often be a turning point in the healing process. This is deep healing as the patterns of trauma are released along with associated emotions. It allows the body to attain a higher state of health and balance.

Craniosacral Therapy is not just about a physical ‘fixing’, it is an exploration which encompasses mental processes, feelings, emotions and their physical manifestations.

Thus Craniosacral Therapy is a whole body treatment – a treatment for the body and soul. It does not look at the isolated problem, but rather addresses the underlying and predisposing causes of distress.

You have the opportunity to be truly heard, held and healed.

Who does it benefit?

Craniosacral Therapy is so gentle that it is able to help those who are suffering with acute conditions that may not be compatible with other forms of body work. It is a superb alternative to conventional medicine for babies and small children as they are easily able to access their bodies inherent intelligence. It is very beneficial for people in times of stress, psychological and emotional difficulty and is for giving a more grounded, aware sense of self.

Session with Fiona in Malta

Session Type

For session costs for under 16s, First session 65 Euro , Followup sessons 1 Euro/minute

For session costs in London please email Fiona using the details in the Contact page

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