Pre and Peri Natal Therapy

What is Pre and Peri natal therapy?
Pre and Peri natal therapy is about looking into all the forces that shaped us as we incarnated and grew a body inside our mother and how the birth and this time influences our present day life we make up our mind about life in the first 2 minutes after birth.
The thoughts that are set depending on our experience that our body holds in the implicit
memory are:
I am safe
I am welcome
Everyone is glad to see me and welcome me
Where am I?
My body hurts
A body is dangerous
what have I done wrong?
What is the implicit memory and where is it located?
The Implicit memory is held in the body tissues, specifically the fascia and the neural cell nuclei at the centre of each cell in the nervous system. This is why newborn babies can demonstrate being hyper aroused, which is demonstrated through hyper tonic in the muscles, seen and felt as the body being red in colour, varying levels of rigidity in the muscles and strongly distressed. or hypo aroused which is more if a collapsed state and flaccid muscle situation. The hypo baby is a baby that is demonstrating older survival strategies of coping by employing dissociation, flaccid muscle structure, colour varies from white to blue and the baby is floppy and quiet. Low breath and heart-rate are and can be also part of the picture. In the days of unconsciousness towards babies a hyper tonic baby would have been described as having a “healthy pair of lungs” and a hypo baby would have been slapped to try and elicit a cry. Crying was seen as what the baby “should Do” after birth. All of this actually in truth actually shows a baby in varying levels of deep distress and needing co-regulation with the mother by being placed and left skin to skin on her belly, allowing time in a quiet room to orient to being outside the womb space, allowing the breath to come in naturally free from force, the chord unless of poor quality should be absolutely left unclamped to enable the complete exchange of fluids from mother to baby. This minimises pathologies later in the baby’s life.
There is a pattern of events that Ray Castellino termed the sequence that we all follow to incarnate as a human being into a body and into birth. The sequence has 5 clear stages in it and each I am trained to recognise when the blueprint of our health is Present in the adult system as well as the baby and child. Each of these stages can also contain many types of pathology and symptomolgy that can impede our expression of the health in our system and I can also recognise this and support your system to reclaim your story at this early stage in our development. It maybe pre-verbal but its language is clear when we know what to see, watch for and welcome. I can also recognise when and if you had a twin in utero and whether the twin was identical or fraternal, whether you came through a toxic womb, whether you have umbilical trauma, chemical imprints from drugs either generational or present in your own field of growth and
help your body clear the effects of them. I can support you with coming to terms with your birth especially if it didn’t happen in the way your blueprint wanted it to happen, and also if you are carrying your parents or medical personel issues in your inner spaces.
Early clamping and cutting of the chord means that the baby has to take a shock inhale which shuts down the upper lobe of the lungs, (how many people do you know who say they feel they have never been able to take a full proper breath!). I see many in my clinic
as adults as well as children. Because the blood and gas exchange is not complete the baby can miss out on up to 1 third of its blood volume, yes, you read that correctly, one THIRD of its blood is missing. This means, immune system cells, auto-immunity risks,
heightened stress response as children and adults just because we are not allowed to be biologically complete. When we as parents, educators, government officials et al impose further violations on the young system such as multiple vaccination on an immature
immune system we start to get an understanding of the rise is allergies and ill-health of our young people. I want to say really clearly, this isn’t normal and we must not get used to it as being normal. This is violence and abuse to our young and then as parents you are left with a baby that grows into a child with behavioural issues, trust issues, self esteem issues, struggles at school, struggles with eating, establishing a rhythm of sleeping and waking learning limitations and more. In truth, violence in the birth room is a human kind tragedy of huge proportions and we need to be talking about it, changing policy to aim for a healthy intact baby because this baby grows into a child then an adult. What do we need with more unwell adults who are unable to fulfil their potential, their talents, they workplace requirements, raising a family and more?
So my work as a pre and peri natal trauma healing practitioner is to support parents to have a conscious conception, a peaceful pregnancy and a healthy birth made in connection and full awareness and understanding the societal necessity for doing so. It
also involves a lot of work retrospectively healing the pain and trauma of the very beginning of our life with children and adults. When we pay attention to integrity and health at this juncture of society and humanity, we we see a fast raise in capacity, tolerance,
empathy, passion and commitment to life which will serve us all.
What do we want to experience? What kind of society do we wish to co create, what would YOU choose if you KNEW without doubt you can choose anything, YES, YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL. 😉